A renewal of vows ceremony reaffirms the love and commitment that two people have for each other. This ceremony acknowledges their journey, celebrates their achievements in their lives life together and brings hope for the future.

The journey in the lives of a couple takes many twists and turns. As challenges come their way, love deepens and the devotion to staying together through thick and thin strengthens over time.

A renewal of vows ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to witness and rejoice in the journey past and the journey yet to unfold. It is also a special opportunity for the children of the relationship to witness the reaffirmation of the love and commitment that their parents have for each other.

Whether your ceremony is held at home in your backyard or in one of the many locations in the Blue Mountains I can tailor a ceremony to meet your needs.

I offer ceremonies that are unique to you as a couple and we will work together to design a ceremony that celebrates your life together.

To discover more about my Blue Mountains Renewal of Vows Ceremonies and/or to arrange an obligation free meeting please call me on 0434 209 318.

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