Weddings are an exciting event in a couples relationship. I perform all types of marriage ceremonies including same sex ceremonies.

I can design a range of different types of marriage ceremonies that range from traditional to the not so traditional, indoor or outdoor. I work with you to design a ceremony to suit your needs.

I believe that a wedding ceremony adds to the precious memories of your relationship. The day is about you. No matter how many guests are in attendance I will help you to design a ceremony that will be intimate and about you.

I will guide you through the important documentation that is required to perform your ceremony. Further information on this can be found below.

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Wedding Ceremony Paperwork

In Australia marriage ceremonies require legal wording and legal paperwork to be completed. I will guide you through the paperwork and the legal requirements.

1. Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)
This form needs to be lodged with the celebrant at least one month before the ceremony and no longer than 18 months before the ceremony.

You will be required to supply proof of identity for the NOIM form. Original documents must be sighted.
Never married Birth Certificate + Photo ID; or a Passport.
Married before and divorced i) Birth Certificate + Photo ID; or a Passport; and ii) Divorce papers from the most recent marriage.
Married before and widowed i) Birth Certificate + Photo ID; or a Passport; and ii) Death Certificate for the spouse of the most recent marriage.

2. Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage
This form is required to be signed close to your wedding date. It declares that you are not married to another person, you are not in a prohibited relationship, you are both of marriageable age and there are no other circumstances that would be a legal impediment to your marriage.

3. Forms signed on the day

  1. Official Certificate of Marriage
    You will sign two copies of this form. One in the Marriage Register and one that will be sent to Births Deaths and Marriages to register your marriage.
  2. Certificate of Marriage
    This is a ceremonial certificate that will be presented to you on the day.

4. Official Marriage Certificate
Births Deaths and Marriages can issue your official Marriage Certificate once your marriage is registered by the celebrant with their office. This is the certificate you will require if you wish to change your surname and/or your marital status with various agencies.

My fee includes the application for this certificate. I will apply for your certificate when I register your marriage.

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